Sector: Agro-food

Country: Egypt


Year of investment: 2009

In December 2009, EuroMena Limited Partnership acquired a minority stake in Wadi Holdings, based in Egypt. The Company is the region’s leading agri-business group with a portfolio of eleven companies that cover several divisions related to the agriculture industry, including poultry, food processing, feed manufacturing and trading and glass manufacturing.

Wadi Holdings is one of the leading agro-food companies based in Egypt, producing 300,000 day-old-chicks per day with an unmatched know-how. The Company operates in diverse and complementary business units including poultry, food processing, feed/soybean manufacturing and trading, as well as stevedoring. Additionally, Wadi holds a large real estate portfolio of c. 4,400 hectares of high quality land, located in 5 sites. Wadi currently has a total of 2,980 employees and comprises 15 subsidiaries based in Egypt and one in Sudan.