Our growth-oriented approach unlocks a company’s full potential and transforms it into what we call a Regional Leading Group.
We develop very close relationships with stakeholders, including
Advisory Board Members
Limited Partners
Shareholders of the portfolio companies
Board Members of the portfolio companies
Management of the portfolio companies
We believe in our partners’ business
We create lasting value by exploring all business opportunities with our team and partners
We optimize strategy and operations by putting our network of exports and business partners at the disposal of our companies. We actively work on strengthening corporate governance and the management teams of our portfolio companies
We use a hands-on management approach in our portfolio companies
We implement proactive Board participation
We sit on Executive Committees & other committees
We fulfill Chairmanship & CEO positions whenever required
We put our Team and extensive Professional Network at the disposal of our portfolio companies
We work closely with our Portfolio Companies to help them grow locally and regionally
We promote greater efficiency and stronger means for our portfolio companies
We help our companies grow their footprint by expanding locally and regionally to become Regional Leading Groups (RLG)
We create opportunities for employment by increasing the scale of each company
By helping our companies grow to a regional level we reduce their risk and hedge them against country risks, devaluation risks, political risks, lack of liquidity risks, security risks and change of regulations