In addition to our long term commitment to create growth opportunities for our portfolio companies and value for our shareholders, the Fund continuously endeavors to ensure effective Environmental, Social & Governance management practices in all its activities.
ESG Overview
In order to responsibly manage and protect stakeholders’ assets, we have integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into our investment strategy and corporate culture. These core principles are key to our business practices and allow us to promote the preservation of environmental and social capital for future generations.

Given that our investors are long term partners, we actively partner with our portfolio companies to achieve higher ESG standards. We create sustainable value by incorporating ESG, as well as business integrity factors, into our diligence process.

We have an effective monitoring process that allows for identification of prospective business opportunities, as well as mitigation of potential risks, further enhancing our stakeholders’ financial viability.

We perform regular follow-ups with portfolio companies on ESG and business integrity matters, organize regular team training seminars, and implement timely reporting procedures. As well as collaborate with local authorities on a country and regional level to increase awareness and impact of ESG matters.

Our E&S Applicable Requirements
The EuroMena Funds ensures that all investments are reviewed and evaluated in compliance with the following Environmental & Social requirements: Environmental and Social Management System

    The E&S fund provisions, which include the implementation of the international applicable standards.
    The applicable national laws on environment, health, safety and social issues and any standards established therein.
    The World Bank EHS Standards.
    The IFC (The International Finance Corporation) Environmental and Social Performance Standards.
    The CDC Code of Responsible Investment.
    The IFC, EIB (European Investment Bank), DEG, Proparco, and CDC Exclusion Lists.