Sector: Agribusiness

Country: Egypt


Year of investment: 2009

Exited: 2024

In December 2009, EuroMena Limited Partnership acquired a minority stake in Wadi Group, a holding company operating in the Agribusiness sector in Egypt. Wadi Group's integrated business encompasses broiler production, food processing, local and international distribution of processed food products, as well as feed grain procurement and oilseed extraction for feed manufacturing and soybean oil production.

In January 2024, EuroMena divested its stake to the majority shareholder, coinciding with MITSUI's announcement of a capital increase in Wadi Group. EuroMena thereby successfully achieved liquidity for its minority stake amidst a challenging macroeconomic backdrop. Additionally, EuroMena secured its sale proceeds in USD through the sale of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) located in Lebanon.